Maastricht Wildcats is an American football club with a rich history.

The Wildcats won multiple national titles, played some international games and have been attracting a high number of (inter)national players. Then the Wildcats hit a rough patch, but as you can expect from any self-respecting football team, the Wildcats did not surrender and they are now fighting back hard.


So we are sinking our cleats in the ground, growing in numbers, taking off fast and looking out to gain more local talent to mix in with the talent we already have here. So we are just a bunch of Cats fighting for our sport, passion and team.


American football is all about attitude and lifestyle, it teaches you to not sit still, to not have fear an how to go 100% every second. It’s a mentality you learn and that mentality forms a unity, a team, a brotherhood; Wildcats!

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