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The Maastricht Wildcats can be described as an ambitious, driven and multicultural team. Because of our partnership with the University of Maastricht and due to several US-military bases in the area, our team consist of several nationalities and players from all different ages and walks of life. This results in a melting pot of different cultures that strengthens our team and creates a brotherhood like no other!

American Football is all about attitude and lifestyle. The sport teaches you to explore your individual strengths, to not have fear and how to give 100% every single time. More importantly: it teaches you that anything is possible if you work together.

Just like we always say:

Individually you fall, together we rise!


Since a couple of years the Maastricht Wildcats have been going through a rough patch. But like any self-respecting Football team they have not surrendered. We are sinking our cleats in the ground, growing in numbers and building our team back up.


We keep looking out for new talent to mix in with our current talent, working on sponsorships to be able to grow as a club, and keep grinding on and off the field.


We’re just a bunch of ‘Cats fighting for our sport, passions and our dream of being part of the 1st league again and kicking ass at the Tulip Bowl. 

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