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Our President

For those new to the scene, I'm Chantalle, a born-and-bred Maastrichter with a passion for shaping the future of American football in our region. Alongside my partner Bart Hendriks, the Wildcats' head coach, I've embarked on a mission to elevate our club to new heights. By day, I juggle roles as an administrator, but my heart belongs to the Wildcats.
Taking the reins as chairperson in 2014 was a natural step, driven by my deep-rooted commitment to the team's success. While the football world may seem male-dominated, I've never let gender hinder my leadership. It's about passion, dedication, and a shared vision for greatness.
Navigating the dynamics between sport and personal life has its challenges, especially when your partner shares your love for the game. But with clear goals and unwavering determination, we've turned obstacles into opportunities, united in our pursuit of success.
As the southernmost team in the Netherlands, we face competition from across borders. Yet, we embrace our unique position, drawing players from Limburg and fostering alliances with neighboring clubs. Our focus isn't just on the present; it's about laying the groundwork for a stronger, more organized future.
Looking ahead, our goals are clear: fortify our senior team, lay the foundation for youth development, and ensure our club thrives for generations to come. With Bart's expertise and our dedicated members, we're poised to tackle any challenge that comes our way.
Join us as we write the next chapter of Wildcats history—one of resilience, passion, and unwavering determination. Together, we'll pave the way for a brighter future in Dutch American football."

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