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  • When is practice?
    Covid-19 update: Check our home-page for the latest updates regarding practice-times. We practice every Tuesday (20:15h - 22:15h), Friday (19:30h - 22:00h) and Sunday (16:00h - 20:00h) at Sportpark West (Negenputruwe 1-5, 6218 RA Maastricht). Players are expected to be at least 15min early. Important to note: practice is always outside, so dress appropriately.
  • How old do I need to be to join?
    Right now the Wildcats only have a senior team. This means you have to be at least 18 years old to play in the competition. However: if you aren’t 18 yet, you can still join practice and develop your Football knowledge and skill. That way you’re more than ready to stand with your teammates on game days in a couple of years. Want to join practice? Click here!
  • Do i need experience / to be in perfect shape to be able to play?
    Short answer: no! American Football is an all-inclusive sport, where any body-type is welcomed and embraced. There are many skills to learn and different positions to play, which all bring their own set of challenges. This makes it the perfect sport for any body type and means there is always something new to learn, even if you're not the most athletically inclined person. American football is based on tons of tactics and strategy, which adds a nice mental twist to it.
  • What kind of sports gear do I need?
    Apart from the usual sport clothes, American Football calls for some specific gear to play safely and properly. There’s a distinction between practice-gear and game-gear. For regular practice you’ll need cleats, a mouthguard and optionally also gloves. These are very easily available in any sports-store and not costly. You’ll also need shoulder pads and a helmet, which are more costly. That’s why newcomers to the sport can use the Wildcats' gear for free during try-out months. After that a small fee is asked during your first year with us. This gives newcomers some time to get to know the sport, and decide if they want to invest in their own items. On game-days you’ll also need white long socks and leg pads in addition to your practice-gear. Game pants and jersey will be provided by us.
  • How much does membership cost?
    The total cost of a year-long membership is €235,- and includes everything you’ll need to become a Wildcat. This amount is made up out of: UM Sports membership The Wildcats are a Student Sports Association (SSA) connected to UM Sports. This means that a UM Sports membership is mandatory to be able to become a Wildcat (more information here).Important: depending on if you are a UM-student, Hogeschool-student or a non-student, these prices may differ Membership-fee Because the UM Sports membership differs, the membership does as well in such a way that each player will have paid the same totalling amount in the end. This will be collected by ClubCollect. Player-pass This will ensure you are a registered player with the AFBN (Dutch American Football League), and are able to participate on game days. Practice Jersey For a deposit of €60,- you will receive a practice jersey to use during the season. If the jersey is returned in a decent state at the end of the season, the deposit will be refunded.
  • What does a Football-season look like?
    Covid-19 update:Because of the global pandemic, the upcomung season '21-'22 might look different.Updates coming soon. The Football season in the Netherlands starts in September and ends in July. The first months of the season are meant to prepare for the upcoming competition. This means there’s try-outs, practice, friendly games and training camp. The competition starts in February, is organized and scheduled by the AFBN and games are roughly every other week. Games are played on Sunday in the afternoon.
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